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St. Francis Animal Hospital


We are here to ensure that your pets are with you in good health for as long as possible. St. Francis Animal Hospital has been serving the Washington community for almost 20 years, and hopes that your family will rely on their team as your welcoming, skilled, and compassionate partner in care.

Your Neighborhood Animal Care Center

St. Francis Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary care office in Vancouver, WA. Our pet health clinic is devoted to the prevention and treatment of diseases in household pets. We’ve made it our mission to provide veterinary care services that are both thoughtful and informed. Text or call us and make an appointment today.

We offer nursing care for sick and injured pets. We have an ICU ward visible from our central treatment room so we can keep a close eye on our sickest patients. We have automatic fluid pumps to deliver the correct amount of fluid to your pet, oxygen chamber for pets with severe respiratory disease, warming beds, trained nursing staff to continue your pet’s treatment, and a veterinarian in our hospital to quickly address any changes in your pet’s condition.

About Us

Client Testimonials & Reviews

St. Francis Animal Hospital values all of the feedback from our wonderful clients. Here is a small sample of the countless happy pets that we have cared for since 2000.

Love our veterinarian, Dr Mark, and this clinic. It is open 24 hours and deals with any sort of emergency. Easy to get in on short notice. Will help you keep your pets in tip top shape. Convenient location too.

Laura C.

Super friendly staff, even at 3 am. They weren't above getting on the floor and snuggling with my pup. Thank you so much Dr. Stoll and team for taking care of us in the wee hours of the morning.

Christina T.

Excellent and caring people! They are very busy but make you feel individual with the attention and care they supply to you and your fur baby. Thanks for all that you do.

Jill M.